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posted September 29th, 2017, 11:38 am

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September 28th, 2017, 1:41 pm


See you soon!


Hoy Hoy my beautiful readers!

So in fooooour days I am heading out to Japan for a month!! As you may have heard if you follow me on facebook, twitter etc.

(or look at the schedule for the next month I guess.)

I had hoped to have wound up this chapter before I left but I'm afraid ya'll have to wait until I'm back to find out more about Tobu's stupid questions.

I have had some kind folks donate some guest art (and boy is it beautiful) to share with you while I'm away so you'll get some lovely eye massages from some great artists!

With each beautiful piece of guest art, I will also be updating with some extra little sketches and notes so you have something to read.

I'm pretty excited!

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October 24th, 2019, 12:36 am



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