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posted October 13th, 2017, 11:44 am

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September 28th, 2017, 1:44 pm


Guest Art


Today's guest art is from honeypandabunny, you can follow them for more cute art here - and also

Honey sent me this as a beautiful surprise before I asked for guest art and I couldn't resist giving it a week of its own! It's not often that Ain gets the limelight despite her being such a large part of the protagonists lives!

I'm sure Ain would adore this picture too and it would likely end up hung in the living room at Daisho's house, whether he wants it hung up there or not.
About the extras.

Today we get some sketches, it's possible people have seen these before but they are some of my favourites and kind of give a quick glance of everyone's personalities. Plus, who can resist a tiny ballet dancing Onna?

I love doing sketches of the characters interacting and most of the time it's situations I'll probably never get to actually show in the comic, such as Ain and Daisho's relationship from before the comic started.

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October 23rd, 2019, 11:23 pm



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